About Open Ocean Trading

Open Ocean Trading connects commercial seafood buyers with local fishermen to procure sustainable products.

For seafood buyers (processors, distributors, retailers, foodservice providers, and restaurants) who want their purchasing decisions to have a positive impact, traditional procurement practices can be limiting and engaging directly with fishermen is difficult to manage. The same holds true for fishermen who desire to secure their livelihood, be rewarded for quality, and feel a connection to those who consume the fruits of their harvest. That’s where Open Ocean Trading comes in. We bridge that divide and enable better, smarter, and more sustainable purchasing decisions. We understand that strong relationships are the foundation of our success, and we pride ourselves on fair and honest dealings to earn repeat business.

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We provide value-added services to professional buyers and sellers, including the legal and financial framework of our forward contracts, factoring receivables, expert research and advice, marketing, education, product sourcing, and high-touch order execution services to make sure products move efficiently from dock to purchaser. We deal in both fresh and frozen seafood. At this time we do not directly buy and/or sell seafood ourselves. Rather, we do the legwork and provide the tools so that our clients can focus on building their businesses in a responsible manner. We help our clients implement corporate responsibility initiatives and fulfill sustainability pledges by making better sourcing decisions and by considering the impact of every purchase on the environment and on fishing communities.

Among our services, we enable buyers and fishermen to enter forward contracts, where quantities and prices are established up front – days, weeks, or months in advance - so both parties can gain more certainty in an industry that is notoriously uncertain. Under a forward contract, fishermen know the value of their catch before they leave the dock and can therefore make informed decisions regarding whether to hire more crew, make gear modifications, or go fishing at all. Buyers can also make better decisions regarding budgets, menus, and marketing by knowing in advance what they're buying, where it will come from, and at what cost.

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