Brokerage Services

Open Ocean Trading offers brokerage services to creditworthy buyers and sellers, facilitating transactions in forward time on a bilateral basis.

Our team skillfully combines traditional "over the counter" (OTC) brokering with our transparent FYSH-X trading platform to ensure trades are executed and contracts are fulfilled. Through a discrete and diligent process, we assist clients in making the best possible purchasing decisions. Our team is committed to understanding what is important to your business so that we can deliver the best products and services to meet your needs. Our broad network of strategically located vessels, processors, wholesalers, and retail buyers allows us to ensure quality and timely procurement that is integrated into your existing supply chain. Building on the strength of our relationships and the robustness of our trading platform, we have real time information about product availability, demand, and pricing. Furthermore, we are able to create customized buying or selling programs for our clients to assist with business planning and support sound decision making. We pride ourselves on our reputation for honesty, transparency, diligence, and expertise.

Our team is excited to serve buyers and sellers of all sizes and types in the seafood industry. If you have comments or questions about our brokerage services, please contact us. We are constantly striving to improve and welcome feedback so we can better suit your needs.

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