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Whether you're a wholesaler, distributor, processor, retailer, foodservice provider, supermarket, or restaurant…

Open Ocean Trading works with you to improve your seafood procurement in a variety of ways. We collaborate with small boat fishermen to bring the freshest, most sustainable, wild caught products to you at competitive prices. We share information regarding the fishermen who catch your fish, vessel names, fishing areas, species, weight, grade, logistics chain, finished cut(s), yield, temperature, and more. Such data is often not readily available from other suppliers. Without it, companies risk inadvertently making ill-advised sourcing decisions which could have damaging effects on their reputations. Tracing seafood back to its origins can be an important factor in brand enhancement, risk mitigation, food safety, and consumer confidence. It can also help fulfill sustainability commitments.

Taking traceability a step further, Open Ocean Trading enables you to build meaningful connections with local fishermen that lead to enduring and loyal relationships. These bonds are based on trust and mutual benefit, not intimidation or strong-arm tactics that fishermen encounter all too often with large, powerful players. Growing consumer interest in points of origin has already shaped other industries from wine to coffee to chocolate to lumber, and it is gaining momentum in seafood. Fishing is full of individual choices and personal expression, and the men and women catching your fish all have their own unique approach. You’ll discover the story that each fishermen and each fish has to tell – personal stories that consumers appreciate.

Not only do we work with you to source local, sustainable seafood in an evocative way to engage your consumers, mitigate risks, and enhance your brand… we also enable you to do it in “forward time”. Through Open Ocean Trading, you can negotiate forward contracts with local fishermen that establish quantities and prices for species into the future. In short, fishermen are able to pre-sell their catch, and you are able to pre-buy it. These contracts go out days, weeks, or months, and product delivery can still be integrated into your existing supply chain. Forward contracts help remove uncertainty from your purchasing (by locking up supply and locking in prices). Less uncertainty translates to clearer and more reliable decision making – less budget variances, better advance planning and marketing, and fewer surprises for your consumers.

Open Ocean Trading means smart, local, sustainable seafood procurement.

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