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Open Ocean Trading is the proud innovator of FYSH-X, the first internet-based forward marketplace for seafood.

The FYSH-X online trading platform allows fishermen and seafood buyers to post, negotiate, and transact orders for numerous species of commercially harvested and farmed seafood - all in forward time. Now you can know today for how much you can buy or sell seafood tomorrow. FYSH-X gives market participants more time and better information to make sound business decisions, offering buyers and sellers relief from the supply-demand fluctuations and price volatility that characterize existing spot auctions. We are dedicated to promoting transparency, supply chain efficiency, liquidity, and honest business dealings through a secure online marketplace.

With escalating concerns about sustainability and ever-changing government regulations, the seafood industry is being forced to migrate from a volume-based business model to a margin-based model. FYSH-X gives you the tools, the platform, and the market reach to adapt your business and secure your profitability. FYSH-X is a common sense solution to many of today's problems facing fishermen and buyers alike. Start FYSHing today!

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