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“Innovation is powered by a thorough understanding, through direct observation, of what people want and need in their lives and what they like or dislike about the way particular products are made, packaged, marketed, sold, and supported.” – Tim Brown, Harvard Business Review ‘Design Thinking’

Open Ocean Trading is changing the way fishermen and consumers interact with the Oceans and local food systems. We challenge centuries-old habits and we are sparking an industry to adopt modern practices, respond to environmental realities, and adapt to new regulatory constraints. Toward that end, we are offering several internship positions for the summer of 2014. This internship will provide students with real world experience starting with hands on exploration of commercial fishing on Nantucket and participation throughout the supply chain, including observing a live auction at an unloading facility; our interns will be immersed in the seafood industry from dock to dish. We believe it is critical for future leaders to develop a rich systems perspective on fisheries within the larger context of our globalized marketplace.

To join this group, you must be a forward-thinking ‘game changer’ with entrepreneurial spirit and drive.  You will utilize design thinking methodologies while working collaboratively on substantive projects across three distinct but related areas, including sales and marketing, public relations and policy, and information technology. Tangible projects will be assigned, such as developing new social media marketing tactics, redesigning our software platform, and developing new business opportunities.  The possibilities are vast, as is the impact you could have on our innovative organization.  In your application, please indicate your preference for one or more of the teams listed below.
Technology Team (software design and engineering):

  • Develop new ideas on how to improve the use of the IFYSH platform and customer usage
  • Design and build a IFYSH Mobile App
  • Prototype with a cross-section of potential users including fishermen and initial buyers

Sales & Marketing Team:

  • Solicit  commitments from College and University decision makers
  • Develop and deploy “Adopt a Fishermen/Know Your Fishermen” marketing campaign
  • Generate ideas about how to improve awareness and sales through outreach, viral marketing, social media marketing, etc.

Business Development Team:

  • Research environmental and social impact of futures markets in seafood, reach out to NGOs for matching funds to recent capital raise
  • Explore opportunities for rural aquaculture development and forward contract financing in Africa, draft grant proposals for submission to the World Bank and other target organizations
  • Develop strategy for entering Canadian market and explore ways to structure an effective public-private partnership with the Canadian government

The eight-week internship will provide an immersive learning opportunity and provide exposure to all aspects of the seafood supply chain, from harvest to plate. Interns can except mentoring from the company’s senior leadership and will be invited to attend discussions and networking events with other industry leaders such as Barton Seaver from the Harvard School of Public Health (pending confirmation), Jared Auerbach from Red’s Best Seafood, Josh Wiersma from NH Community Seafood, Michael Carroll from Vertex Environmental Services, and multiple Sector Managers of fishery sectors throughout New England.

Candidate Requirements:
Open Ocean is looking for a diverse team of master’s level and undergraduate students to contribute in three general areas – technology & engineering, sales & marketing, business development & strategy, within a collaborative startup environment. Successful candidates will possess the following qualities:

  • Passion for fisheries & aquaculture, sustainable food systems, global supply chains, social impact, and/or entrepreneurship
  • Experience in at least one of the following three areas: (a) technology innovation, programming, UI development, mobile app development, (b) finance, economics, sales, and/or marketing, or (c) design, entrepreneurship, international relations, and/or public policy
  • Enrolled in a full-time degree program or recently graduated from a competitive college or university in one of the following areas: environmental studies, economics, anthropology, aquaculture and fishery technology, finance, business administration, fisheries economics, computer science, computer programming, marketing, supply chain management, or a related field
  • Ability to think, contribute, and thrive in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment
  • Leadership skills balanced with effective teamwork
  • Ability to multi-task and meet deadlines
  • Self-motivation, independence, and an ability to work autonomously
  • Willingness to take direction and seek out help as needed
  • Exceptional written and oral communication skills

Hours & Location:
The full-time (9am to 5pm) educational internship opportunity with Open Ocean will run for eight weeks starting the second week in June. The location for the internship is still to be determined, but will be hosted in Massachusetts either inside the collaborative Food Loft workspace in Boston, out of our corporate offices in Plymouth, or from a centralized college campus. The location will be determined after the summer staff is reviewed and chosen. The location of our interns will be the determining factor of where our program will be hosted.

Some candidates will be awarded a stipend based on previous experience, education level, and work product. Also candidates from schools currently purchasing through the Open Ocean will be eligible for a work stipend to cover travel and other miscellaneous expenses. All interns have a chance to receive continuous support for compelling intern-led initiatives that complement our core business objectives.

Course Credit
The nature and substance of the educational internship may meet the eligibility requirements of some institutions for course credit.  It will be the responsibility of the interns to work with their schools to obtain and submit the required information to receive any eligible course credit(s). To facilitate that process, Open Ocean will provide the following: (1) at least one on-site intern supervisor who has knowledge and an educational and/or professional background in the industry; (2) a safe workspace in a professional office; (3) no more than 25% of the intern’s duties with Open Ocean Trading will involve clerical work; (4) upon completion of the internship, an Open Ocean Trading supervisor will submit an evaluation of the intern’s performance at the request of the intern.

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