Open Ocean Trading's Mission

Open Ocean Trading has a simple mission: make seafood more sustainable from all angles.

We believe that human welfare depends on our “natural capital” (i.e. the health of our marine ecosystems and fish stocks). Fishing represents an important way of converting natural capital into economic capital, but it must be done within nature’s limitations in order to be maintained. Harvest rates must be within regeneration rates, and we must respect the ecosystems on which we all depend.

At the same time, fishing needs to be profitable to keep the industry intact. Many who depend on fishing for their livelihood have been grappling with extreme uncertainty and excessive risks. We seek to help mitigate those risks and empower individuals and small businesses to continue earning a living by fishing. We also seek to strengthen fishing communities where cooperation and shared values are critical to the ongoing health of the industry. Built on trust, compassion, forbearance, patience, dedication, and fellowship, our fishing communities provide a critical framework for working together to lower transaction costs and achieve gains in efficiency. These communities themselves are a resource that requires maintenance and replenishment or they risk going into decline and having those values eroded.

All of Open Ocean Trading’s efforts are focused on improving the environmental, economic, and social sustainability of the seafood industry.

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