Trading Platform

Open Ocean Trading's FYSH-X platform is the leading forward market exchange for fresh, processed, and frozen seafood.

Our live trading platform brings transparency, price discovery, and liquidity to the seafood market. We empower buyers and sellers to directly negotiate in forward time, thereby improving supply chain efficiency and allowing the freshest products to reach the marketplace. As demonstrated throughout history and in other industries, the introduction of forward purchase agreements and a mechanism for forward price discovery results in greater price stability and affords both buyers and sellers more control over their business planning.

Additionally, Open Ocean Trading is working closely with TraceAll to fully integrate traceability in the FYSH-X platform. TraceAll, an international traceability company, uses proprietary software to capture all catch information direct from the source, allowing vessels to sell their catch while simultaneously recording it in their logbooks. As a result of this partnership, Open Ocean Trading can offer marketplace participants an efficient way to monitor contract fulfillment in real time as well as gain greater insight into the entire supply chain from harvest through processing and distribution.

Our team is excited to offer the FYSH-X trading platform to buyers and sellers of all sizes and types in the seafood industry. If you have comments or questions about FYSH-X or any of our services, please contact us. We are constantly improving the FYSH-X platform and welcome feedback so we can better suit your needs.

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