FYSH-X Marketplace Rules

Placing Orders:

Buyers and sellers can transmit orders either by (1) posting information directly to the FYSH-X trading platform or (2) providing instruction to the Open Ocean Trading team to post orders on their behalf via email, telephone, fax, or VHF radio. Open Ocean Trading is also in the process of integrating TraceAll's vessel-based electronic logbook solution which will allow vessels to directly access FYSH-X when reporting landings at sea via VMS. Open Ocean Trading also plans to launch mobile-based apps for iPhone, Droid and other mobile operating systems in the future.

Trading Hours:

All registered users have full access to FYSH-X 24/7.

Platform Requirements:
  • All buyers and sellers must hold the proper Federal and State permits to either harvest or buy seafood products
  • All buyers must possess the proper infrastructure to accept the delivery of seafood products
  • All sellers must possess the proper infrastructure to procure/produce seafood products
  • Deposit a letter of credit or proper bond as may be required for collateral (all viewer accounts are exempt from this requirement)
Marketplace Agreement:

When accessing FYSH-X, all buyers and sellers must accept and abide by the terms and conditions of the Marketplace Agreement.

Users May Not:
  • Manipulate or endeavor to manipulate the price of any product(s) or otherwise interfere with product listings transmitted to the FYSH-X trading platform
  • Use or endeavor to use fictitious or genuine transactions to create artificial market conditions
  • Open more than one account for/as an individual or entity
  • Trade with oneself, whether as an individual or entity
  • Enter orders whereby a user, either by itself and/or together with an affiliate, enters an order on one side of the market, completes the order on the other side of the market, and then deletes the original order after the transaction occurs
  • Attempt or request to amend or cancel a transaction after the order has been accepted
  • Collude or exhibit collusive behavior whereby rivals (two or more buyers or two or more sellers) attempt to disrupt the market equilibrium by (1) collaborating to alter the price of a product(s) or transaction(s) to their advantage, (2) collaborate to restrict the supply or demand or a product(s), (3) collaborate to alter the price of an order to increase profits, (4) collaborate to share private information that allows the colluding parties to benefit from insider knowledge, or (5) otherwise endeavor to collaborate to manipulate the FYSH-X platform or any orders on the marketplace
  • Post false, inaccurate, misleading, defamatory, or libelous content (including personal information)
  • Contact any user within or outside the FYSH-X platform for the purpose, either expressed or implied, of intimidation or coercion
  • Take any action that may cause harm to the FYSH-X platform or other users, including but not limited to the distribution of viruses, malware, spyware, adware, or any other malicious software or technologies
  • Transfer a FYSH-X user account and/or user ID and/or password to another unaffiliated and/or unauthorized party

In order to ensure the security and integrity of the FYSH-X marketplace, in the event any user violates any portion of the Marketplace Agreement and/or Open Ocean Trading reasonably suspects any user of a violation or attempted violation of the Marketplace Agreement, Open Ocean Trading reserves the right to, at its sole discretion and without limitation, take any technical and/or legal action it deems necessary to limit, suspend, or terminate access or any user accounts with or without prior notice. Open Ocean Trading may or may not, without obligation, give the offending user notice prior to such action.

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