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Whether you're a vessel owner, captain, or fisherman…

You want to know that your time and money is being well spent. While seafood markets may fluctuate wildly, your livelihood doesn't have to. Open Ocean Trading gives you the broad market reach and intelligent tools to make sound business decisions. This allows you to focus on what you do best – fishing.

We are a business run by fishermen. We understand that every fisherman has a unique story and approach to his or her profession, and most fishermen take great pride in their work and the fish they deliver to market. Unfortunately, some traditional auctions and dealers may mishandle or over-handle your fish, degrading its quality and freshness. And even if they don’t, they almost certainly mishandle your personal story by failing to share it. This is something consumers care deeply about, and something we are committed to doing right. We work with you to broadcast your story and establish your personal brand.

Selling through Open Ocean Trading means selling direct to conscientious buyers who are interested in knowing you (and your fish) personally. Selling direct can reduce transaction costs, expedite delivery, and even help you command a market premium based on the quality of your catch. Furthermore, we allow you to pre-sell your catch by entering into forward contracts, which means you can know how much you’ll earn before you leave the dock to go fishing. This knowledge empowers you to make better informed decisions about the species to harvest, the crew to hire, your trip duration, the gear you’ll use, and whether to lease quota, among other important considerations. We can also help you avoid unwarranted delays in receiving the payment you worked hard to earn. When you return to the dock, Open Ocean Trading will deliver you a check upon unloading, thereby shifting the risk (and the hassle) of collection to us.

Open Ocean Trading means greater certainty, smarter business decisions, and an opportunity to differentiate yourself and your fish.

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