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Open Ocean Trading enables us to support local fishermen by purchasing fresh, sustainable seafood at a fair price."

Chef Keith Tyger - AVI Foodsystems / Wellesley College

Open Ocean has been great to work with. They understand the needs of fishermen.

Jeff Henderson - Nantucket Scalloper and Owner of Salty Balls Seafood

It's quite a good thing to have this developed in a time when we need to strongly market our own fish in order to survive.

Owner/Operator F/V Odessa

Corporate seafood buyers buy product in a very structured way and are unable to tolerate fluctuations in supply and prices. Retail sales and menu plans are approved quarterly. To meet these quarterly plans, buyers must have confidence that seafood products will be delivered on time, in sufficient quantity, and at prices agreed on months in advance.

Governor's Taskforce on the Maine Groundfish Industry

No wonder [name removed] was happy to sell to me at $1.10/lb today... He took care of us when it was $1.50. Your contract system works.

Chris Fream, North Atlantic, Inc.

[Open Ocean Trading] gives me direct access to vessels on a fair contractual basis, in a way that is easy to use and manage. This model allows me to create direct relationships with vessel owners, secure future supply, and access a broader marketplace with more price security than I would find at a local auction. Through these relationships, I can also award good fishermen for consistent product and pay them more for their efforts.

Northeast-based Seafood Buyer

This is progress, it brings light into the industry.

Chris Duffy - Operations Manager, Cape Ann Seafood Exchange

It's part of the buy-local movement... people are willing to spend a little more because they know it's a little bit fresher, and they like the story of helping local fishermen.

Peter Kendall - Manager of Yankee Fisherman's Cooperative

I personally have become so discouraged by the ex-vessel prices being returned by the auctions that I have seriously considered exiting the fishery for the first time in over twenty years.

Phil Lynch - New England Fisherman

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